List of Lawyers and Business Advisors in Central America

Gold Service is a law firm in El Salvador and Central America establish in 1995, we have a highly specialized team of lawyers in the area of corporate law and business advisors, our lawyers are committed to provide the highest level of corporate and business consultancy in El Salvador, Central America and in more than 100 countries around the world through our correspondents.

The professionalism of our lawyers and business advisors has been acquired through years of experience, enabling us to provide quality services with fast a fast customer response.

Central American Lawyers

Roberto Enrique Calderón.

Yudy Aracely Jiménez.

Ana Maria Olmedo

José Franklin Hernández.

Luis Emilio Iraheta.

Edmond Jolicoeur.

Marinella López de Ortíz.

Miriam Eleana Mixco.

José Mauricio Ramírez.

Salvador Rivera.

Raúl Manuel Somoza.


Central america Business Advisors

Walter A. Chávez Velasco.

Jacques Couwels

Fausto Gutiérrez.

Dale Humphrey.

Jerson Alfredo López.

José Luis López.

Giorgio Massida.

Mauricio Melhado.

Iris de Miranda.